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As well as providing a wide range of general medical services, Samy Medical Practice also assists the community in accessing the additional services as listed below:

Referrals to Specialists and Allied Health Services

If your medical condition requiresspecialist intervention, we work very closely and can refer you to a Hospital Specialist and other Health Professionals such as Podiatrists, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and others. Please contact the Reception to make an appointment with the Doctor who can organise a Referral or Care Plan for you.

Home Visits, Visits to Aged Care Homes or Child Care Centres

Theseare normally scheduled during office hours.Please contact the Reception.


This service is available. Please contact the Reception.

Repeat Prescriptions

To be bulk billed, please make an appointment to see the doctor for a health review for a repeat prescription. In certain cases, the Doctor make approve a repeat prescription over the telephone; a fee is charged for this service. This fee is not bulk-billed.

Medical Certificate

It is important to see the Doctor on the day of your illness. The date of consultation will be written on the medical certificate, we are unable to back date certificates.

Recall/Reminder System

We offer a recall reminder system to assists in the management of your health. To delete this option, please inform the Reception.

Tests Results

Please follow up on your test results by making an appointment with the Doctor.


If you require a translator, please adviseReception in advance prior to booking your appointment.